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Donation Gift Certificate Template

Donations mean contribution of money for the welfare of poor people and different types of donations are made to honor someone. Sometimes people like to make donations as charities instead of sending gifts and flowers that are absolutely useless. Different organizations distribute donations to poor people in form of donation gift certificates. It is good way to give a great chance to other person about buying stuff according to personal choice. Donation gift certificates are designed for different purposes on different occasions such as on wedding occasions the wealthy families give donation gift certificates to wedding couple with special meaning. Donations gift certificates are presented with different meanings and intentions therefore these are specially designed. You can easily design a donation gift certificate with the help of desktop publishing program.

Here is preview of this Donation Gift Certificate Template created with Microsoft Word,

Donation Gift Certificate Template

Tips to Design Donation Gift Certificate

It is necessary to choose right wordings while writing donation gift certificates and for your help I am going to share some useful tips to word donation gift certificates:

  • Donation gift certificate should be designed with simple but appropriate words to avoid any confusion. You have to be polite in the tone to express the purpose of your gift certificate.
  • Your guest may be confused about the donation gift certificate so your statement should be careful. You can write something like this, “In lieu of gifts, please spend on a noble cause that will be really precious for us”.
  • You have to clearly write purpose of donation gift certificate. Try to write impressive statements to persuade reader. You can write “I am blessed with lots of blessings by God but everyone in this world is not lucky enough.”
  • Write complete details of donation gift certificates for the convenience of guests. Write address of your company and the process through which the guests can make donations. Write websites on the card so that interested people can visit your website.
  • Write your mailing address and account number where the donations will be sent. You have to include the name of responsible persons for the trust of donation giver.
  • If you want to specify your name by your guests then mention it in your donation gift certificate.
  • You can write your previous experience so that the guests can trust you. You can add logo of your organization and other clip arts to increase the attraction of your donation gift certificate.
  • You have to write specific terms, conditions and policies for the convenience of your guests. Write everything in clear words to avoid any chance of conflict.
  • If you find anything difficult then you can use donation gift certificate template. This will be for your help only because donation gift certificate is really easy to modify as per your convenience.
  • Proofread your donation gift certificate to avoid any logical or grammatical mistake that can harm your professional image. Always choose a glossy paper to take printout of your donation gift certificates.

Here is download link for this Donation Gift Certificate Template,

Download Donation Gift Certificate Template

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