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Wedding Gift Certificate Template

Wedding means lots of excitement, happiness and expenses because everyone wants to have a special look on the day of wedding. You can definitely cut your cost with the help of wedding gift certificate. Different shops offer discounts on specific items for weddings only therefore these shops and stores design wedding gift certificates to entertain their customers. Wedding gift certificates can be presented to bride and groom as wedding gift and it can be a perfect gift too because the bride and groom can shop according to their requirements. Wedding gift certificates prove as best marketing tools because these are cost effective to design and can be spread to different places without much efforts. It is best way to persuade your potential customers to again visit your store for shopping. You can personally design wedding gift certificate without taking services of professional designer.

Here is preview of this Wedding Gift Certificate Template created using Microsoft Word,

Wedding Gift Certificate Template

Tips to Design Wedding Gift Certificate

Different user friendly computer software has made it easy to design a perfect wedding gift certificate without any difficulty. In order to assist you in designing, I am going to share some tips to design wedding gift certificate:

  • Wedding gift certificate is best way to promote your business so you have to pay special attention on its designing. Start your work by collecting different images such as wedding ring, gift packets, jewelry or any other item that you sell on your store.
  • You can check for the gift certificate of your rival stores to get an idea about their offers. Try to offer your best selling products and offer attractive packages to grab the attention of potential buyers.
  • Choose wedding theme and colors to design your wedding gift certificate. Carefully place all images on the word processing sheet to get sufficient space to write contents of wedding gift certificate.
  • Use bright colors and stylish fonts to write title of wedding gift certificate. You can insert the logo of your business if you have any. Write contact numbers and business addresses for the convenience of potential customers.
  • Wedding gift certificate should contain name of the recipient, write of the gift certificate, description of gift certificate regarding its purpose, redemption policies, expiry dates, total value of gift certificate and terms and conditions related to the use of wedding gift certificate.
  • Be careful about background colors and font colors to increase the readability of the wedding gift certificate. You can use any slogan or signature line to persuade the customers.
  • Proofread your wedding gift certificate carefully because any minor mistake can spoil your efforts. Print a test copy of wedding gift certificate on regular paper to ensure the accuracy of your work.
  • Try to choose landscape layout because in this way you will get enough room for your work. Write meaningful statements to justify your all efforts.

I hope above mentioned tips will help you to design a perfect wedding gift certificate but if you still find it difficult to manage your designing then you can download free wedding gift certificate template from word processing program to make your wok easy.

Here is download link for this Wedding Gift Certificate Template,

Download Wedding Gift Certificate Template

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