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Hair Salon Gift Certificate

Hair salons usually offer lots of great services like different special haircuts and hair dye to their customers. Different procedures are used in order to promote different hair salon services. It is important to target your top services in order to get the attention of target customers. You have to get some information about the hair salon services in order to compete with your competitors. You have to offer some beneficial packages and different discount cards in order to increase your business and hair salon gift certificate is one of the best ways to do all this. You can increase foot traffic in your salon by offering certain discounts and special packages on Christmas, New Year, Easter or any other important events. Hair salon gift certificate is a versatile way to promote your products and services and it is convenient too as you can design a perfect hair salon gift certificate with your own hand.

Here is our designed Sample Hair Salon Gift Certificate Template to help you get started quickly,

Hair Salon Gift Certificate

Tips to Design Hair Salon Gift Certificate

It is very easy to design a hair salon gift certificate with the help of following useful tips you can design a perfect hair salon gift certificate for you:

  1. In first step, choose software according to your convenience such as MS Word. Set the page layout on the landscape to get right length. Landscape will give you more room to work as compared to landscape.
  2. Download our designed template. Choose appropriate font, color and size according to your preferences. If you want more elaborated hair salon gift certificate then you can choose script font. Text size will be selected according to the style of font.
  3. Choose right font color according to the background color because the text should be highlighted properly. Write the title of gift certificate on the top center of the hair salon gift certificate. Use larger font for the heading because it is necessary to display the word prominently.
  4. Write all details including name of the certificate bearer, date of writing, expiry date and terms as well as conditions of your hair salon. Write the entitlement and purpose of gift certificate for the convenience of hair salon gift certificate bearer.
  5. Write the value of gift certificate according to the currency of your own country. Write all terms under which gift certificate will not be usable.
  6. You can make your hair salon gift certificate more attractive with the help of related pictures or clip art. Relevant pictures and interesting colors will add some extra flair to your gift certificate.
  7. Set appropriate size for your gift certificate and get print preview after completing your designing work. It will help you to get an idea either you require any fine-tuning or not.
  8. If you want to save your printing cost then it will be good to choose color paper to take the printout of your hair salon gift certificate.
  9. You can design two gift certificates on one page to save your printing cost. Choose glossy paper to give a fine look to your hair salon gift certificate.

Here is download link for the above shown Hair Salon Gift Certificate Template created using MS Word 2010,

Download Hair Salon Gift Certificate Template

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