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Travel Gift Certificate Template

Travel gift certificates are commonly used by travel organizations in order to offer some kind of seasonal or special discount to their loyal customers. Travel gift certificates are also used by employers of other organizations to give as reward to their loyal clients or hardworking employees. This kind of gift certificate can be best gift for those who have adventures nature and love to visit new places. You can present travel gift certificate to your friends or family members on different occasions. There are two ways to arrange travel gift certificate, either to ask from any travel agency or design a personalized travel gift certificate. The second option is easy because it is really easy and cost effective as you can design a perfect travel gift certificate with the help of travel gift certificate template. If you have command over word processing software and designing software then there is no problem in designing.

Here is preview of this Travel Gift Certificate Template created using Microsoft Word,

Travel Gift Certificate Template

Tips to Design Travel Gift Certificate

Travel gift certificate can be potentially beneficial for your travel agency therefore I am going to share some simple but useful tips to design travel gift certificate:

  • It is necessary to collect your ideas on a rough paper about the designing of travel gift certificate. You can design a rough sketch to get clear idea of auxiliary work.
  • If you want to design a personalized travel gift certificate then you have to collect information about the favorite travel place and favorite traveling time of concerned person.
  • You can visit websites of your rival companies to know about the standard design and other requirements of travel gift certificate.
  • Images should be important part of your designing because these can add color in your travel gift certificate. You can choose different interesting clip arts or images of travel places for travel gift certificate.
  • Although you can download different images from Google but you have to be careful about any copyright because it can cause problem for you in future.
  • Use any graphic program in order to modify your selected image because there are lots of graphical programs such as Adobe Photoshop that let you to change color and backgrounds of the images.
  • Start travel gift certificate with a bold but stylish title. Choose perfect size, style and color according to the size and background of your travel gift certificate.
  • Write name of the recipient, purpose of writing travel gift certificate, total value of gift certificate, expiration date, description about the use of travel certificate and any other important information.
  • After completing your designing and writing work, have a final look of your travel gift certificate to check for any potential error. Take print preview and then test print to make sure that everything is perfect according to your preferences.
  • Carefully select cardstock for the printing of your travel gift certificate because loose and low quality paper can spoil your all efforts. Travel gift certificate should be printed on glossy and sturdy paper to have durable results.

Here is download link for this Travel Gift Certificate Template,

Download Travel Gift Certificate Template

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